When a family emergency, illness, or travel forces people to leave their home, many are constantly confronted with the heart wrenching question of how or who will care for their much-loved animals. Occasionally, pet owners will choose to circumvent this situation by traveling with their pet, which can lead to vacations gone bad, thanks to travel-induce pet illness, hotel restrictions on pets, and runaway pets. It might be tempting, in this situation, to leave the family pet with a well meaning neighbor or family member. In many cases, this solution is also less than ideal. Due to lack of education, training and sometimes supervision, your pet could become seriously ill, get lost, run away - or worse.

Keep your pet happy, safe and secure! Luckily, most animal lovers who need someone to watch over their pets employ a proficient boarding company that is skilled and reliable. More than 30,000,000 pet owners every year entrust their pets to an experienced boarding kennel because of their dependable and safe pet care services.

You love your pet, and therefore locating a competent and ethical boarding kennel is very important to you. The American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA) knows this and has put together this information to help you evaluate and select the best boarding kennel available to care for your pets needs while you are away.